Mental well-being for expecting mothers during lockdown 2.0

Gynaecologist in Hadapsar

New Delhi, April 15 (IANSlife) The outbreak of coronavirus is worrisome enough, the extended nationwide lockdown while stressful for many people, especially pregnant women, is for their better protection.

While fear and anxiety about COVID-19 can be overwhelming, some mental coping strategies can help during pregnancy.

“It is vital for pregnant women to take charge of their mental well-being during the outbreak. To-be-moms may worry, panic, get paranoid, scared, anxious and stressed. Moreover, they will also fear about the health of their loved ones.

“There will be changes in the sleeping or eating patterns for women who are expecting. They may also find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep or even concentrate. Likewise, the paranoia owing to coronavirus can also worsen chronic health problems,” Rajeshwari Pawar, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Pune’s Motherhood Hospital told IANSlife.

How can Coronavirus mentally impact pregnant women? “Pregnant women may feel lonely and anxious due to the lockdown and social distancing that has been advised to tackle the crisis. Moreover, it can also invite a depressive episode. Pregnant women may become anxious about what the impact it may have if any or problems to the baby? What if someone in the family or they themselves get sick? What if the spread of Coronavirus doesn’t stop,” the doctor said.

Here are some tips that can help pregnant women to improve their mental well-being.
Say no to panic. A pregnant woman should let go of the thought of COVID-19 and take all the necessary precautions to fight it. Furthermore, it is the need of the hour to accept the situation and only believe the information from reliable sources.

Avoid exposing yourself to disturbing content. Do not keep watching the news of Coronavirus compulsively or obsessively. Avoid paying heed to rumors.

Keep in touch with your family members via phone. Spend some quality time with your family members.

Exercise at home as it can help you stay positive, stress-free and energetic. Opt for relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. Say no to smoking and alcohol and sleep well.

Try to do activities which you enjoy like reading, listening to music, painting or gardening. This can help you shift your attention from the distressing Coronavirus headlines and allow you to de-stress.

Be in touch with your doctor for any complications that you may have. Be sure to plan out checkups and tests with your healthcare provider, so as to avoid any last-minute stress about appointments and commuting.